In Loving Memory of

Marcia W. Tubolino

1953 - 2013
Marcia W. Tubolino
February 10, 2013

Marcia Tubolino, age 60, passed away peacefully on Sunday at Crouse-Irving Memorial Hospital, Syracuse, NY. She was born at Watertown on January 16th, 1953 daughter of William V. and Margaret E. Simmons Tubolino. The family homestead was located at 315 Sill Street.

Marcia attended Watertown High School graduating in 1971. She continued her education at Jefferson Community College earning an A.A. in Liberal Arts, in 1974.

In 1985, she moved to Syracuse where she was employed at the Amtek Data Corporation, a records management (scanning) service. She worked as a document processor lending support in the retrieval of documents. An Amtek customer described Marcia as “professional, efficient and ever willing to go the extra mile”. She remained employed for 29 years until shortly before her passing.
She is preceded by her immediate family. Marcia cared for her mother before having to place her in a Syracuse nursing home. Her mother, Margaret, passed away in Syracuse in 2003. Marcia’s father, William, a long time florist, died in a tragic three car accident, in 1998.

She had three brothers, two of which died from Muscular Dystrophy, Ronald D. who died in 1967 and Richard B. who died in 1973. A third and older brother, William A., a former Yellow Cab dispatcher and driver, died in 1996 from heart complications. He also lived in Syracuse.She is succeeded by a family consisting mostly of cousins. Marcia was both caring and feisty, tempering her opinions with a good sense of humor.

She belonged to family birthday clubs relishing a piece of cake and cup of coffee with others. She loved her family and she truly was a kindred spirit to those she befriended. Her down to earth philosophy will be missed here and welcomed on the other side where she has joined those family members who passed before her.

Donations may be made to Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Funeral arrangements are with the New Comer Funeral Home, Syracuse, N.Y.

Spring Burial will be held at Glenwood Cemetery, Watertown.
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