Advance funeral & cremation planning

When a death occurs, family members are faced with over 88 decisions that must be made within hours, during a very difficult, emotional time.

Arranging your services in advance creates a record of your wishes, providing you and your loved ones with peace of mind.

peace of mind when preplanning for funerals with New Comer Funeral Home
Pre-plan for funeral and cremation services with New Comer Funeral Homes Syracuse, NY

Planning ahead creates a detailed record of your wishes for loved ones to follow.

Advance planning is a part of life. We plan ahead for college, family and retirement to gain peace of mind in the present and the assurance that our loved ones will be taken care of down the road.

Many individuals and families are also choosing to plan ahead for future funeral and cremation needs. When you take this step, you can choose the services and products you desire - and can afford - now, when decisions can be made calmly and rationally.

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Warren J. “Ren” Newcomer, Jr. is a licensed funeral director in the states of Kansas and Ohio. Theresa Newcomer is not a licensed funeral director. Tzewei “T” Sung, Managing Funeral Director.
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