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Words cannot express how impressed we were from the pre-plan straight through to the grave side.  Every person we came in contact with truly wanted to make this journey as easy and painless as possible.  Could not have asked for anything better!
~ Joy   L. - 4/4/2019

Extremely satisfied with all aspects.  Michael Peters was a pleasure to work with.
~ Wayne   M. - 4/2/2019

The quality of the service, staff and presentation of my wife was perfect.  I can't thank you enough!
~ Joseph   L. - 3/26/2019

You handled everything above and beyond my expectations.  I had to do nothing but grieve.  You took care of things I didn't even know needed to be done.  I have no family left and your guidance and support have been invaluable during this difficult time.  I would recommend Newcomer without hesitation after your excellent help and service at the time of my brother's unexpected passing Eight years ago.  My father decided to prearrange with you and I am so glad he did!
~ Lisa   S. - 3/18/2019

Very Satisfied.  Appreciated the clear pricing on the website.  I was not pressured into services we didn't want.  Listened to my requests and executed them efficiently with respect.  Scott O'Marah was responsive and answered all of my questions with kindness and respect.  Thank you!
~ Karen   C. - 3/8/2019

Absolutely exceeded our expectations.  Kayce Heldt and staff were compassionate and attentive to all our needs.  We were all pleased.  My uncle passed in 2012 and we had his services at New Comer.  When my father passed in January Kayce and the staff far exceeded our expectations.  We will recommend New Comer to all our friends and family.
~ Eric   V. - 3/2/2019

I was very satisfied with the services provided.  The kindness and sensitivity shown to me and my family was outstanding.  My husband had a beautiful and meaningful send off.  Thank you!
~ Ida   S. - 2/25/2019

Extremely surprised and pleased how well my mother looked.  We had planned a closed casket, but changed our minds when we saw her.  Everyone was kind and friendly, but professional.
~ Phyllis   C. - 2/21/2019

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