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This was the first time I had to do this myself. My sons and I found it very easy to talk to all the staff we worked with. Everyone made me and my family feel at home and part of your family.
~ Judy   M. - 8/1/2019

During the most difficult time in my life to date, Matt did an incredible job to help ease the stress. He listened to every need, with respect and understanding. Our family appreciated his professionalism and support.
~ Brandi   S. - 7/23/2019

Mark Rienzo, thank you so much for your help with our father in our time of need. You were very professional and responsive.
~ Martha   H. - 7/17/2019

Scott O'Marah handled our mother's funeral. When we came back for dad's funeral, we found out that he was the manager now but he made time for my brother & me. Our first experience was wonderful and that's why we returned. Thank you for allowing us to be able to celebrate the lives that our parents had, while you focused on all the details.
~ K.J.   C. - 7/13/2019

Michael Peters, Scott O'Marah, the greeter the day of the calling hours - everyone was so nice & accommodating. We were very satisfied. We had wanted Friday/Saturday services due to my brother being home from the military and Scott was able to make that happen.
~ Rachel   S. - 7/9/2019

From the moment we started our process to a couple weeks after when I had to make a final payment, there was nothing but respect for me & my family from Michael and his team. A truly wonderful group of people. My mother was treated with respect & dignity. She looked beautiful - almost timeless. I am so glad we chose you. Thank you for all you have done for us.
~ Jennifer   J. - 7/1/2019

Excellent staff and very nice funeral home. Would use New Comer again.
~ Brenda   G. - 6/28/2019

Scott O'Marah is a wonderful person that has the right personality to do an amazing job!  Within 14 months, I lost both of my parents and my daughter.  All services were overseen by Scott and the staff.  Wonderful service, flexibility, and compassion.  Thank you.
~ Justina   L. - 6/27/2019

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