Memorial verse library

A prayer card can be a lovely keepsake for you and the guests that attend your loved one’s service.

Below you will find a selection of verses that can be printed on the card.

Please make a note of the verse name and share it with your funeral director.

Memorial Verses for Prayer Cards

Verses are in alphebetical order by title. Click on a title to read the verse.
23rd Psalm (PV02)
Afterglow (PV05)
Angel of God (PV06)
Anima Christi (PV07)
Child (PV09)
Come to Rest (PV10)
Footprints 1 (PV15)
Footprints 2 (PV16)
Hail Mary (PV22)
John 14:1-6 (PV24)
John 2:25-26 (PV25)
Memorare (PV27)
Our Father (PV33)
St. Anthony (PV41)
St. Joseph (PV43)
St. Jude (PV26)
St. Theresa (PV45)
Taps (PV44)