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Recent Reviews

January 12, 2017, I would like to thank New Comers Funeral Home members, Donna, David, Michael, and the rest of the staff who helped my sisters and I during the painful loss of our beloved mother, Francisca. We made the phone call while our mother was in ICU, knowing that the possibilities of a recovery were less than one percent. Donna was very helpful, went with us through all the details and costs of what we requested her. New Comers facilitated the information we needed as well as all the steps to make in order for us to meet our mother’s final wish. After calling other funeral homes requesting the same information, we learned that no other place treated us with the same respect, courtesy, knowledge, and attention received from New Comers. Hours after my mother passed away, we met with David, the Managing Funeral Director at New Comers. He received my sister Alba and I (Nilda) in his office and went through every single detail and costs. What is so particular about my mother’s final wish? Well, she died here in Syracuse, NY, but her wish was to be buried in her beautiful home island of Puerto Rico! New Comers made all the arrangements to prepare her body, called different airlines to ensure our mother’s body will arrive at the requested timing. He even let us to see our mother for the last time and say good bye before “her trip”! All those accommodations were made at an affordable price. Thank you, Home Comers - Muchas Gracias! From our family to yours, Love, Alba N DeJesús-Ortiz, Jesús Ortiz, Javanna Kozubowski, Nilda H Snow, Jerome Snow, Vilma R De Jesús, Jean M Díaz, and Miguel A Padilla.
~ nilda   S. - 1/12/2017
Everyone went above and beyond and made it easier to deal with everything. Scott O'Marah was kind, compassionate and respectful. He smiled when we needed a smile and serious when appropriate. I cannot think of anything to improve. Everything was perfect. Thank you!
~ Peggy   P. - 12/27/2016
From my first conversation with Matthew to leaving the cemetery, he guided us through the most difficult time of our lives. He was very kind and understanding. We greatly appreciate his attention and guidance. With every call or contact with your staff members, we felt like we were the priority. 
~ Mary   P. - 12/27/2016
Kaycee made things smoothly and went beyond what I expected. Very satisfied. Everything was wonderful. Couldn't have asked for better service. Kaycee was/is wonderful. Thanks or making my mother's service pleasant. 
~ Victoria   W. - 11/29/2016