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We had the pleasure of working with Kayce. Truly one of the hardest days of our lives as newly weds and losing our 8 week old son. Kaye truly made us feel very much so like family and the thought of knowing our son (James III) was in an amazing caring hands helped ease our pain a little bit. She truly paid attention to every detail even down to the smallest of one's. We just can't express enough how great of an individual she is. We never felt rushed by no means and any request we had she made sure she fulfilled it. As for the rest of the staff we had a chance to meet they also are great and all very compassionate. Thank you from bottom of our hearts for helping us through the toughest thing we have ever had to go through in our lives. God bless you all and again thank you from the bottom of our hearts newcomers staff and most of all Kayce.
~ Ashley and James II   S. - 1/17/2018
Scott O'Marah worked with us. He was genuine and cared. They were all thoughtful to us. 
~ Betty   G. - 12/8/2017
We were very satisfied in every way from start to finish with your services. You have a great team and everyone we worked with was wonderful and took care of every detail, right from the front desk to the funeral service itself. Scott O'Marah, our funeral director, provided outstanding, above and beyond expectations, service in every way. 
~ Sandra   S. - 12/8/2017
I was very satisfied with the services my family and I received. Final "see you laters" are never easy, but New Comer made it comfortable. Kacey helped with all arrangements. 
~ Jennifer   D. - 12/8/2017
Made going home to glory plans today . Donna was truly so helpful. All options were given with total choices our decision! What great peace. A very professional and caring setting. I thank the Lord for them. We will meet again soon to finalize- such peace. Thanks Miss Donna!
~ Mark J   F. - 10/14/2017
Thank you so much ,I'm satisfied for second time with newcomers. They go above and beyond to make a sad &grieving process easy ,making a feeling of being a part of the family. .they have always made every effort to be a step above in plans .Timing has been quick in action to help get everything done. .all the staff is wonderful, they show the care &sincere to guest &family..The price beats everyone around ,,but it doesn't feel like it..I recommend newcomers to all my friends &family
~ Brenda   R. - 10/8/2017
It was my first time arranging a funeral. We were very well taken care of ahead of time when mom started Hospice. The day mom passed, they came right over and were so professional and sensitive to our loss. 
~ Kathy   C. - 10/4/2017
I can not say enough good things about New Comer Funeral Home and Cremations. They did not pressure me like other places to do more than I was comfortable with. 
~ Amber   Y. - 8/23/2017

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