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Michael Peters was extremely helpful and not at all "pushy." He wanted me to know that he was there for me & my family. I was very satisfied with the quality of service and caring of the staff during this difficult time. I could not have been more pleased with the service and the price.
~ Arlene   W. - 4/30/2018
I did everything from out of state and Scott O'Marah was wonderful and very helpful. He made everything easy at a time of stress for me.
~ Mary   T. - 4/30/2018
Everyone made me feel so comfortable. I almost felt like family. I could tell you all really cared about all of us. Thank you for that. Scott J. O'Marah made me feel so very comfortable like I was family.
~ Gail   C. - 4/21/2018
Scott was wonderful. Very patient and attentive the whole time. Extremely pleased with the service we received. Very pleased all around. Our family thanks you for your care of our beloved mother. You made what was a very difficult time much easier, thank you. 
~ Martha   Q. - 4/18/2018
In such a sad time for us we felt surrounded by smiles, hugs & a family staff. So very important! Kaycee & Scott were truly wonderful. We as a family were exceptionally pleased with the care & concern for both of my grandparents. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. They truly cared for everyone. An amazing staff!
~ Susan   P. - 4/14/2018
My family was very pleased with the professionalism and compassion offered to us. Our funeral director, Matthew Johns, was excellent. Could not have been happier with his professionalism and compassion. 
~ Mary   S. - 4/12/2018
Everything was very nice. The funeral director did such a good job it took so much stress and weight off my shoulders. I was very pleased with the finger print option and with the tree you had planted in his name. He was an avid outdoors man. How fitting! Michael Peters was very professional and patient. When loved ones come in to make arrangements they are in a fog so patience to repeat things or explain things in essential. 
~ Joyce   H. - 4/9/2018
We were extremely satisfied with all of your staff especially Michael Peters. Awesome, awesome guy. And the wonderful job you did with our mom. She was so beautiful, we can't thank you guys enough. 
~ Shari   T. - 4/1/2018

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